I have always been concerned with creating a sense of place, I have sought to achieve this in the past by incorporating traditional fairytale images into my work.
Using a more figurative approach allowed for a more literal interpretation . I would use dark tonal colours to evoke mood or atmosphere.
As a kind of throwback from a lot of intense moody images I began to use primary colours and almost childlike, cartoon images, still trying to create a “place” in which the viewer could almost enter or escape into.
I began making installation pieces, where the whole room would be filled with giant sculptural elements of the 2D work I had been creating. It seemed a natural progression, the viewer really did enter into a different place. Adding elements such as a smell or a sound helped to evoke the particular elements I was trying to suggest; fear, claustrophobia, detachment ,fun excitement or childishness.
After graduating, my art became more commercial it had to fit a financial mould, which inevitably compromised both style and concept. It is only recently that I am rediscovering my natural responses artistically and have been greatly inspired since becoming a Christian two years ago. My work is still finding itself and I view the work here to be almost preliminary.
I am drawn to examine my spiritual journey and in these pieces I have found the use of collage especially road maps to be particularly useful. The phrase “spiritual journey” was the starting point for me and the maps have enabled me to add narrative to the work,for example sometimes it was more useful to use more “sea” than “road” as I have felt, especially at the beginning of my journey “lost at sea” or “washed up”.
Or a rocky mountain terrain in Scotland represented the “uphill struggle” or “rocky path” I sometimes felt myself on. I could also draw my own roads which sometimes come out of the main drawing altogether, representing times when I nearly gave up altogether!
I am also working on a series of canvasses with the series heading “Creation” in which I have found the images from the Hubble telescope to be awe inspiring and immensely useful in trying to capture the reality and phenomenal concept of God and creation


1989- 1990 Trowbridge Technical Collage, Foundation Course in Art and Design PASS
1990-1993 North Staffordshire University, Fine Art, BA (HONS)

Whilst graduating attended and helped to organize a number of printmaking workshops for secondary school children teaching them to design their own banners for local festivals then helping them screen print their designs.
Worked on a number of printmaking workshops for severely mentally disabled children and adults, helping them gain confidence and a sense of achievement when initiating and then producing their own woodcuts, etchings etc.

Helped established interior designer with paint effects in a major Bath outlet.
Privately tutored at GCSE level.
Had a number of private commissions locally, and some local exhibitions of small works.

Designed advertisement poster for local fair trade campaigners.
Illustrations for a local teachers short story.

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