Le Conte is a French sculptor, illustrator and poet who resides in
London and studied at Chelsea School of Arts. Le Conte's sculptures are metamorphic:
" they are born out of the material, they grow like a plant, with time.
It is the stone, the wood who reveals to the eye thousands of images, thousands of mysteries. It is the stone, the wood who tells the story."
Le Conte is a regular exhibitor at the Talisman Gallery, London.


Born in Burgundy, France
Lives in London

Studied Art at Chelsea School of Art

UNIT C St Pauls crescent Camden London
United Artists 1994 - 95
Society of Women Artists 1994
The Talisman, West Hampstead, London 1997-99
Burgh House, Hampstead, London 1999

Presently teaching sculpture and painting
Working Men's College Camden London

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