Influences and Inspiration

I am inspired by the materials I am using and the surface, which supports the work. I work in many different mediums and each influences the other. I used to work in gouache on heavy paper using a hard edge technique that has evolved into the lino cut reduction works. The three years I spent studying Chinese Brush painting has influenced my lithography: the excitement of the ink and use of the brush marks. I love life drawing and using soft pastels and it, in its turn, enables me to move one colour into another when using several colours in printing.
I take a subject and aim at distilling the essence while using the excitement of the medium. Sometimes only using elements and cross referencing them from one work to the next.
I have been fortunate in having inspiring teachers: Frank Connelly, Michelle Avison. Stanley Jones, Qu Lei Lei, Guo Le, Caroline Qu and Julie Arkell.