Frixos Papantoniou Prints

Frixos Papantoniou was born in Cyprus. An early interest in painting led to studies at Hornsey School of Art, Kingston Polytechnic where he specialised in sculpture and Institute of Education where he attended a Postgraduate course in Art teaching. His work is almost exclusively anthropomorphic. Papantoniou is committed to the presentation of the human figure at its most positive and at its strongest.
The Artist's almost obsessional concerns with the ideal, lends his work an air of nobility reminisent of the classical traditions He uses themes from Creek mythology. The idea of 'Ikaros' the winged figure appears frequently with a feeling of sadness, worry and optimism carrying his wings full of hope and desire.
'The prints of frixos Papantoniou are powerful and compelling; the colours sing, the imagery intriguing and profound. It is amazing to think that they are made from floor covering without any characteristic of its own.
The linocut is the simplest way to make a print - it's what we do at school; yet in the hands of the maturer artist it becomes a sophisticated medium with which to work.
The linocutter's art is to destroy the block by gouging away the surface and Frixos' cuts are confident and lively.
He has dipped into his cultural origins, using winged and icon like figures as symbols in his work. The hot colours give the work a passion and a reference to heaven or hell, or who knows? Your interpretation will be a personal one, the messages are rich in possibilities'



1975-76 Middlesex Polytechnic: Foundation course in Art and Design
1976-79 Kingston Polvtechnic: Degree Subiect - Fine-Art (Sculpture) BA (Hons)
1983-84 London University. Institute of Education: Art Teacher's Certiflcate


1939 `Drawings and Prints" Theatro Technis. London
1989 "Works on Paper" Circle Gallery, LyrIc Theatre, Hammersmith, London
1991 "Works on Paper" Gallery Apocalypses. Nicosia. Cyprus
1991"Works on Paper" Blackfriars Art Centre, Boston. Lincoinshire
1993 `Llnocuts" lsiington Arts Factory. London
1993 "Linocuts Printworks Gallery. Colchester
1995 `Recent Works" The Changing Room Gallery" London
1996 "Recent Works" Loughton Library, Loughton
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1996 `Recent Works" Becket Gallery, Brentwood Library. Brentwood
1997 "Paintings and Prints" The Markovitch Gallery. London
1998 `Limited Edition Linocuts' The Hellenic Centre, London
1999 `Selected Works" Oxford House, London


1981 "Four Greek Artists" KIngsgate Gallery. London
1984 "Mixed Media" Dixon Gallery, London University, London
1989 "F.N.L. U.K. Cypriot Exhibition Famagusta Gate, Nicosia. Cyprus
1990 "Recent Works" The Cotton Centre London (Three-person Exhibition)
1990 "P.N.L. U.K Cypriot Exhibition Commonwealth, Institute, London
1990 "Merz Contemporary Arts Gallery, London, (Three person Exhibition)
1990 "Wings Myths and Desires" Gill Gallery, London
1990 "P.N.L. U.K. Cyorlot Exhibition The House of Cyprus, Athens. Greece
1991 "Bankside Open" Bankside Gallery, London
1993 "The Bank of Cyprus Award" Gallery, London
1994 "ART 94" lslington Business Centre
1994 "Kiss 11' Gallery K, London
1994 "The Summer Exhibition" Royal Academv of Arts, London
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2001 "Time Fields" The Gallery, London
2001 "The Art Attack pro!ect" Hoxton Square. London
2001 "Take Flight" Oriel Myrddin Gallery, Carmarthen
2002 SEFTON OPEN, The Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport
2002 Well Made Exhibition, Newham Council. London
2002 ANGELS. St. John' Church. Scunthorpe. Lincolnshire
2002 Circle Gallery. Edinburgh. Scotland


2002 Runner up Prize at SEFTON OPEN, The Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport