The starting point for all of my paintings is channelled words from my spirit guide. With the words come the visual world of language that I am shown.
My need to paint has evolved as a way of expressing what I see in a more honest pursuit. The expanse of colour and form as I paint is all consuming, as for me it touches the essence of what I am engaged in painting.
To paint these series of paintings has touched the core of my creativity as I search within the oil paints the honesty of expressing what I am shown in my mind by my spirit guide. Sometimes as I look at my palette, and mix colours until I can finally reach the point intuitively in putting brush to canvas.
I am striving to paint as honestly as I can to reach a part of myself and others that cannot be reached through verbal language or linear thought.



1981-1986 Apprenticeship in Traditional Stained Glass painting and design.
Clark & Eaton of Bristol. (Est 1850)
1993-1995 Foundation course. Bath

Selected Exhibitions

March 2003 (Forthcoming) The Black Swan, Frome.
2002 The Gallery, Growing Needs. Glastonbury. Solo exhibition.
1995 Hotbath Gallery, Bath. Group exhibition.


1995-2002 Private commissions of Life Path Paintings.

Peter Gabriel’s Blood of Eden video. Designing and painting backdrop.
Peter Gabriel’s Lovetown video. Model making.
Geoffrey Oreyama’s video. Model making.
1983 Restoration of the west window of Wells Cathedral.
1981-1986 Private commissions for stained glass windows.


1998-2002 Running and creating art projects for young children.
1981-1986 Taught traditional stained glass painting at post graduate level.