Lauren Brio is a 39 years old French sculptor.
She started working with clay more than 10 years ago in Paris.
She now lives in London where her resin bronze and bronze sculptures have been shown in several exhibitions. Her sculptures demonstrate a confirmed style with a harmony of round shapes. She mainly develops feminine and maternal themes by sculpting voluptuous women, mothers and families.
She also moulds musicians, and was inspired by Japanese Sumo Wrestlers, having travelled recently to Japan.
Lauren also started etching with Lelia Pissarro in her studio where, together, they bought their first press. Her etchings reflect the projection of her sculpture style, and the same inspiration drives the curves on the metal plate. Lelia and Lauren together experiment with many different techniques, including drypoint, aquatint, with various shades of ink, hand-watercolored etchings, and on a broad range of papers.
They extended this work when they joined with Hugues-Claude Pissarro, and founded The Sorteval Press. Lauren's latest exhibition was at Mall Galleries in London in December 1999, as part of the first show of The Sorteval Press.
On display was a symphony of Etchings, together with other Works on Paper and Sculptures.