Artart Consultancy
The services of artart consultancy include sourcing art from all over Europe for private and corporate clients and advising them on choice of artworks for a particular space.

The gallery represents artists from all over Europe with a strong leniency towards contemporary paintings, sculpture, photography and prints with artworks at reasonable prices.

Advising clients on artwork is not only limited to the selection of paintings, rather the Consultancy takes into account the background and the interior design of each space where the artwork is to be placed so that the overall effect is cohesive and in character.

The intangible aspects of art as decoration goes hand in hand with the more tangible rewards of prestige, value and instant recognition of corporate identity and the market position.

Art that is purchased for corporate purpose depends a great deal on the importance the company or corporation places on art.
The advantage point of an artart consultancy lies in the fact that our services
are unique and we can offer the client a wider variety of artists with artworks
at sensible prices.

Whether you are a corporate customer, art collector or first time buyer,
we offer a range of services to tailor the process to your needs.
Art enriches and energizes any environment. artart consultancy sources
and commissions contemporary artwork for businesses who understand the importance and benefits of a dynamic working environment

The professional services of artart consultancy include:

a) Sourcing art through out Europe for corporate clients
b) Visting artists studios to see their latest work.
c) Advising on choice of artworks for private and public spaces
d) Commissioning artworks for site specific location, e.g. for clubs, restaurants, mural themes for interiors and shops.

The artart consultancy organizes commissions on behalf of the artists and works closely with architects and interior designers and provides the ancillary services from the selection to the installation.