Artart is the online gallery for established artists and recent graduates with promising potential, bringing together a range of different artistic styles and concepts.

Artart features artists from the whole spectrum of contemporary practice and
includes sculptors, painters, conceptual artists, ceramists, photographers,
print makers and interior designers.

The benefits of being part of artart

  • a platform to exhibit images of your work with other talented artists
  • a place to sell your work
  • One of the lowest commission rates for an Internet gallery

    Who can join Artart
  • professional artists who have had public exhibition's
  • had work purchased by one or more public or private galleries
  • had work for sale through one or more commercial galleries in the last 4 years
  • be a member of one professional, art association, art society
  • had one or more public body or corporate commission, private commissions had work reviewed or featured in an art magazine or newspaper
Recent graduates
Artists and makers who have graduated with a degree or equivalent qualification in fine art, design, photography, film,video or multimedia in the last 5 years.